A life sans dreams!

A really cold evening, I am in one of my most favourite moments of life, enjoying rain sippng my hot tea. It feels like there is nothing better to do in life than sitting like this.(call me lazy, but its true). There is that beautiful sound of rain all around me and everything around me is wet, be it the trees that shake their heads as if they were taking a shower,the bird that whizzes past in a hurry chirping out loudly (reminds me of my friend Sharath riding his bike),or the flowers that get drenched having no other option. Part of me wants to go out there with them and get drenched and the other part wants to stay like this, cozy and comfortable. You see, according to me, there is one huge difference between us (I mean, humans) and the rest of them out there. They seem to have no concerns and hence NO WORRIES. They say man is the only rational being…he is the only one who thinks. VOILA, there’s the answer to all our tensions and worries-THOUGHTS. Thoughts are like…like …like…aaah..I don’t know, they just follow one another like an endless train….YES..got it…thoughts are like an endless train. Nevertheless, you are left with an option – whether to think too much on something and worry about it, or, just LET IT BE….YES,I MEAN IT. You don’t always have to be precise, punctual, perfect or any p-word. Just loosen the grip on yourself for once. See how you yourself feel about it. Now, if you have a small twist at the end of your lips, THERE YOU ARE….that’s what we call a SMILE. Now, you know what you were missing-those moments of your life when you should have lived a fuller life and missed it just because of some silly appointment that would account for nothing later in your life. I am reminded of a story written in my school magazine by a friend of mine called Anupama. She wrote of a man in his deathbed who had achieved so much in his life and still thought that he missed something. He finally found out that DREAMS were what he lacked. Her story was titled ‘A Life sans Dreams’. This is true in many of our lives. We learn, get marks, get a job, marry, have kids, grow old and die. Wouldn’t he who made life happen have seen a greater purpose for it than just LIVING it away? I do feel that it is, in most cases, pretty okay to think outside the box, or even NOT THINK AT ALL. Take a few chances, make some mistakes, correct them if you want to or even repeat them if you enjoyed them and see what happens. Trust me, it is good to be free of worries. Then again…OOPS….a big THUD breaks me away from my dear world of dreams-ah! probably a coconut. The rain has almost ceased. Did I sleep? Dear fruit of kalpavriksha, you broke the thoughts of a person whom you didn’t want to mess with. You are so going to be today’s curry…………

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